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geneME Supplements are a breakthrough in personalized health

geneME has ushered in a fundamental shift in how we look at health and overall wellness. We use our proprietary Genetic Assessment to deliver a personalized supplement – customized just for you – to help offset, bypass or beneficially support the effects of genetic variances.

  geneME has fundamentally changed the game —   
   their customized supplements are the key to   
   unlocking optimal health.  

  -Rob P. Ricciardi Ph.D.  

A SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) is a tiny variant in our genes that cause them to function differently from the norm. Some of these aren't relevant to health—they determine hair color, blood type, etc. However, some SNPs have profound effects on our longevity and health. They can effect the balance of key proteins, or regulate how our bodies function. They can have long-term effects on our overall health and well-being

Take control of your health and your life

geneME has developed a safe, accurate direct-to-consumer Genetic Assessment that can identify key SNPs on your genes - AND combat the effects of these SNPs with critical dietary ingredients in our supplements that offset, bypass and beneficially support the effects of those SNPs.