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If you don't get a genetic assessment there is no way to know.

Find out how to support your health with genetically targeted dietary recommendations

geneME's DNA Assessment gives you vital information on 12 "actionable genes" At geneME, we look for specific genes we call "actionable." Actionable genes are genes where there is an "action" you can take. You see, there are variations in your genes that affect certain known functions in your body. For example, the VDR gene has a significant influence over bone density. Wouldn't you want to know if you have variations on that gene if you are concerned about bone density? But even more important than knowing you have a variation, is knowing what you can do about it! The geneME DNA Assessment doesn't just tell you if you have the variation, it also tells you the "action" you can take to support your health in the areas identified by your genetic variations!

Your personal geneME DNA Assessment will unlock the secrets of 12 actionable genes!

We assess 12 actionable genes that effect these health and well-being concerns...

Protection Against Oxidation   Healthy Inflammatory Response   Bone Health
Cardiovascular Health   Detoxification   Healthy Blood Pressure
Healthy Lipids   Homocysteine Management   And More!


Your DNA is like an Architect's Blueprint

Your DNA is like an architect's blueprint. You can think of it as an Owner's Manual for your body. Your genes control everything from how you look to how various important activities within your body function.

However we all have genes that have variations scientists call gene SNPs which in some cases merely cause us to have different hair color or height - but in other cases cause our genes to work less efficiently or not at all.

These SNPs in many ways make us who we are, but they also explain why our bodies may not function as we expect, why we may not be at our optimal peak health.

Technology has evolved to the point where you can find out about your SNPs through a simple gene test safely and cost effectively. Many genes have little impact on our health and wellness but geneME scientists have identified 12 key genes for overall health that are actionable.

That means that not only can you learn why you are like you are but what you can do about it!

Dr. Bob Arnot
"Genetic assessments have come of age - they now provide the information you need to optimize your health and wellness!"
award winning medical correspondent and best selling author

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